The Olympus Stylus Tough–6000 is a reasonably priced digital camera. It works fine outdoors with a 10 megapixel feature. It’s a straight forward point and shoot digital camera. It has a 3.6x optical zoom with dual image stabilization. It is a great outdoors camera as it is shockproof (up to 5’), waterproof (10’ under water), freezeproof (10oC).

It has a Hyper Crystal III LCD along with a backlight. It is a compact piece at 3.8?W x 2.5?H x 0.88?D and weighs only 5.3oz without the battery and the media card.

The shots taken from this camera can be easily developed to sizes as large as 13” x 19”, provided they have been shot at a low ISO setting. The camera is not recommended for continuous shooting due to its slow speed. It is an average performance camera, quite good for its price range. Its durability makes it a good family camera as the kids can easily be trusted with it.

Overall it is a decent camera if you want a reasonably tough camera which gives you decent pictures of average print size. It is a stylish and solid digital camera well suited for those with an adventurous bone or two.


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