NikonToday’s market is overwhelmed with all sorts of different products with all sorts of different usages.

The digital camera and accessories market is no different. There are hundreds of manufacturers from all over the world that seek to sell their product.

They use strong marketing campaigns in every media in order to convince the buyer that their product is the best.

Still there are brands that are internationally recognized as leaders in the market.

Everyone knows names like Nikon and Panasonic. These two brands, that represent a competition to one another, have marked the era of digital photography with their innovations and products. Their new digital camera lines offer the best that the world has seen yet.

The D series from Nikon and the Lumix series from Panasonic are definitely the new best thing available on the market.

Both series come with models destined for everyone and for every occasion, so both the amateur photographer and the professional one can find their perfect match.

In Nikon’s D line there are small and compact yet powerful enough cameras best suited for preserving family memories. The starting models have an average mega pixel resolution but the others progress to a large one making a wide range of choices for everyone.

They all have powerful zoom options, both optical and digital, long life batteries, and easy access menus that store a great number of options and effects making them very easy to use. User friendly and available is a victorious combination developed by Nikon.

The extended LumixG series by Panasonic offers a large specter of different interchangeable lens cameras, which makes them the ideal choice for any professional. With enough gear these cameras are perfect for every occasion.

Rain, sun, day, night, indoor or outdoor, far or close, it does not matter any more because the LumixG is perfect for everything. By changing the lens a photographer can go from a macro image to a panoramic or long distance one without any problem. Panasonic also offers different lenses for different weather conditions and different light sensibility.

They might be a bit more expensive but they are totally worth it.

One on top of the other, both brands have their trademark, state of the art technologies that kept them on the top for all these years. They are different but no one can go wrong by choosing one of them as both brands and their latest lines are simply, excellent.



  1. Very informative article.I’m considering to buy a digital camera.Hope this will help me to buy one of them.Thanks for the great post!

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