A lot of smart phones have amazing cameras these days but nothing seems to deter those who believe there is a special place for a camera that no other device can take. Almost everyone likes to take pictures irrespective of whether it is for pleasure and vacations or for professional or semi professional purposes.

If you are one of the individuals (beginner or experienced) who love cameras and are looking to buy one for yourself- there are certain things you must take note of. Or in other words there are a few common mistakes that people make when they are buying digital cameras and the list here will help you steer clear of them.

mistakes people make when buying digital camerasNot Doing your Homework and Requirement Analysis

This is one of the most crucial and most ignored steps. This mistake of not doing your homework before going into the shop to buy a camera may result in you ending up with a completely wrong camera for your needs. So please access your needs, research about the kinds of cameras based on those needs before you approach a sales point and get familiar with the terminology.

2. Buying more than what you Really Need

Another mistake made my many individuals. Let’s look at it like this- many of you must be buying a camera for general photography like vacations, get-togethers etc. but you still end up buying an SLR. This is the classic case of buying more than what you need, for a regular point and shoot camera could perfectly meet the requirements of such individuals. So don’t buy cameras beyond what you really need.

3. The Megapixels

Buying a camera under this misconception is another commonly made mistake. If you are going to do normal size prints then a lower megapixel count is not only sufficient for you but also more efficient. Yes there is a possibility that using high megapixels could add to the noise in your pictures. So do not fixate too much on the pixels and the zoom.

4. Reviews! What?

In today’s world it will be a huge mistake on anyone’s part to buy any such item as a digital camera without going through enough reviews available on the different websites. So do not make the mistake, go through the reviews for the models you are interested in before the buy.

5. Best Price

Buying without comparing for best prices is a money wasting mistake. People who do not compare prices at different places including online may end up paying a higher price than they need to.

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