Each and every digital camera will have different setting modes. According to the situation and the requirement, you have to change the modes present in your digital camera. The latest survey on the usage of different modes present in the digital camera proved that the automatic mode is the common mode which is used by more number of people.

This mode is used more by the beginners as well as by the advanced users. You might have surprised by reading this! But, it’s true that most of the people who are using digital cameras take all their photographs by keeping the camera in automatic mode [Different types of in digital camera].

The various modes present in digital camera are:

  • Automatic mode: No one needs more introductions on this mode. This auto mode makes your camera to do its best judgment in selecting the aperture, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, flash and focus. In some cameras, this auto mode lets you to change it to red eye reduction or to override the flash. You will obtain good or nice results with auto mode in various shooting conditions [Pros and cons of manual and auto mode].
  • Portrait mode: When you select this portrait mode present in your camera, automatically it will select the large aperture which is helpful to make your background out of focus. That means this mode will set a narrow depth of field in order to ensure that the subject is the only thing which you have to focus.This portrait mode works great when you want to take photograph of a single subject in close up. Closeness of the subject can be attained either by zooming or by moving closer to the subject. If you want to shoot in sun, just trigger your flash to add little light in the subject (or face).
  • Macro mode: Macro mode helps you to move closer to your subject in order to take the close up pictures. This macro mode will be very much useful for shooting flowers, insects and small objects. Almost all digital cameras will have this macro mode setting, but little bit of difference will be present between the different capabilities including the different focusing distances.
  • Landscape mode: This landscape mode will be quite opposite to the portrait mode as it sets your camera up with small aperture in order to make sure that much of the scene which you want to photograph will be covered or focused. The landscape mode is more ideal for capturing the shots of wide scenes.
  • Sports mode: In this sports mode, you can shoot the moving objects and it is also named as the action mode in some cameras. This mode will be ideal for shooting the people who are playing sports, cars, pets, wildlife, etc. Basically this sports mode attempts increase the shutter speed by freezing the action.
  • Night mode: Shooting the pictures in night mode is really a funny experience which makes you to create some interesting and wonderfully colorful shots. Basically this night mode is used to take the snaps in dim or low light situations. The shutter speed will be high in this mode and it helps to capture the background details clearly, but it fires off the flash to illuminate the subject and foreground.
  • Movie mode: This mode encourages your camera to capture the moving images instead of capturing the routine still images. The new digital cameras which are available in these days will have this mode where as the other old ones may not have this one.
  • Stitch or panoramic mode: This panoramic or stitch mode is very much useful for taking the panoramic scene shots which have to be joined together later in one single image.
  • Fireworks mode: This mode will be useful to take the snaps of the fireworks which displays on the sky. You will get good output by keeping your camera in this mode while taking the snaps of firework displays.
  • Snow mode: This mode helps you a lot while taking the pictures in snow. It makes the camera to attain a tricky bright lighting in order to reach good clarity level in the snaps.
  • Underwater mode: This mode helps you to take the pictures in underwater. The unique set of exposure requirements which are present in your digital cameras makes you to attain perfect pictures of photography in this mode.
  • different modes in digital cameraPets and kids mode: This mode is specially designed to take the pictures of kids and the pets. Mostly the pets and kids will be moving from one place to another place or their reactions will be quick enough. Taking the snaps of fast moving objects is really a tricky concept.This pets and kids mode will help you a lot in taking the snaps of fast moving objects as this mode speeds up the shutter speed by reducing the shutter lag with pre-focusing.
  • Indoor mode: This mode helps you to take the pictures in indoor conditions by setting the white balance and shutter speed in your camera.
  • Beach mode: This is bright scene mode and makes you to attain better pictures in the bright light.
  • Foliage mode: This foliage mode boosts the saturation levels and gives nice bold colors as the output.

Semi automatic modes:

  • Aperture priority mode (A or AV): This is really a semi manual or semi automatic mode where you have to choose the aperture and other settings like white balance, shutter speed, ISO, etc in order to ensure that you have a well balanced exposure on your camera.
  • Program mode (P): Some digital cameras will have this priority mode in addition to the auto mode.
  • Shutter priority mode (S or TV): This mode will be similar to the aperture priority mode but you have to select only shutter speed where as the other settings will be obtained by default.

Fully manual mode:

  • Manual mode: In this manual mode, you will have full control on your camera and you have to think about all the settings present in your camera including the aperture, white balance, shutter speed, ISO, flash, etc. It gives the total flexibility regarding the various setups in your camera and you can set the shots as you wish.

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