Owning a Kodak digital camera means, you possess one of the best cameras in the world.

All it began in 1888 and producing cameras till date. This is done without losing grip over the competition world and the pulse of the customers.

Kodak founder had a dream that every one should develop an ease for photographs. So, he started Kodak cameras and the company is still working on the same principle.

That’s why the operations on a Kodak camera are user friendly and can be understood to any one, including the person who just started handling the camera.

Buying a Kodak digital camera doesn’t just mean purchasing an easily operated camera, but buying a camera that has years of technology and care behind its every camera.

You find Kodak cameras compact which fit in your pocket, purse or briefcase. The most important feature is it will be always ready to click without wasting much of your time in starting the camera.

You may not be a professional photographer to operate, but Kodak itself enhances your ability to take photographs.

The wide range in Kodak cameras are shortened with the top most rated cameras for your convenience to choose a perfect one:

  • Kodak Digital Camera easy share C 613
  • Kodak Digital Camera easy share C 653
  • Kodak Digital Camera easy share Z 712
  • Kodak Digital Camera easy share M 753
  • Kodak Digital Camera easy share Z 885

Kodak Easy Share C 613:

  • Kodak Easy Share C 6136.2 mega pixels, CCD (charged couple device) and offers enough detailing for printing up to poster size.
  • 2.4 inch LCD display with 3x optical zoom and 5 x digital zoom.
  • Share button is present to easy transfer of pictures.
  • 16 MB internal memory and separate external memory slot to extend memory.
  • 4 x 2.5 x 1 inches and weight is7.2 ounce.

Kodak Easy Share C 653:

  • Easy Share C 6536.1 mega pixels, CCD gives enough detailing for 14 x19 inch print.
  • 2.5 inch display and 3x optical zoom.
  • 20 programmed scenes and 3 color modes.
  • Stores memory on SD (secure digital) cards.
  • 5 x4 x1 inches and weigh about 12 ounce.

Kodak Easy Share Z712:

  • Easy Share Z7127.1 mega pixels, CCD give detailing to print poster size.
  • 2.5 inch LCD and 12 x optical zoom
  • Optical image stabilization.
  • 32 MB internal and can be extended.
  • 4 x 2.5 x 1 inches and weigh up to 7.2 ounce.

Kodak Easy Share M753:

  • Easy Share M7537.0 mega pixels CCD detailing up to 20 x 30 inch print
  • 3 x optical zoom and 5 x digital zoom
  • Optical aspheric lens captures crisp detailing and anti blur.
  • No internal memory, slot is present to add external memory.
  • 0.9 x3.7 x2.3 inches; 12.8 ounce weight.

Kodak Easy Share Z885:

  • Easy Share Z8858.1 mega pixels, CCD offers 30 x14 inches print.
  • Seven resolution settings
  • 5 x optical and 5 digital zoom
  • 2.5 inch LCD
  • 32 MB internal memory and memory slot to extend memory.

Once the Kodak Easy share is in your hand, you will never miss the beautiful moments in your life. You have those moments captured for a life time.


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