Digital photography has made so many advances so quickly in the world of photography that sometimes it is a little much to keep up with. The megapixels change frequently, design of the cameras and what they can withstand alters sporadically too. Now you can take digital shots with infrared filters too.

The infrared filters can be done in one of two ways. You can use it on the lens of the camera itself or it can be installed right in front of the camera’s sensor. The difference in these options is vast.

If you use it in front of the camera’s lens then you will not be able to use your auto exposure, your viewfinder will be useless, auto focus will be rendered inoperable and you will need a filter for each lens as they come in different sizes.

If however you opt to send your camera off to have the filter installed, keep in mind that the warranty will no longer be valid. Other than that your camera should operate as it normally would with everything that will not work with the lens filter working.


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