A camera can represent a huge financial investment, but more than that it can provide you with some unforgettable images and moments in your life. This is why it’s important to take good care of it at all times. A digital SLR needs to be protected from  natural conditions such as sand, and water.

How to Protect your Digital SLR Camera from Sand and Water

If you get sand in the camera the moving parts may become stuck and the error message may appear on the screen. The problem is you may not be able to clean it even with a can of liquid air and a sensor-cleaning kit.

You may have to take the camera to a dealer or manufacturer to have it repaired. They will take it apart, clean it, and lube all of its moving components.

Don’t get too low when shooting in sandy areas and protect the camera with a re-sealable food bag. Be careful when using a camera bag at the beach as sand tends to get trapped at the bottom of the bag.

If the camera comes in contact with water you should take the battery out of it right away and don’t turn the power on.

This will save it from a power surge. Signs that the camera is wet may include error messages, corrupted files, and the camera turning itself off.

If the camera’s wet you should put it in a bag with some dehumidifying packs to help it dry and get advice from a dealer.

When taking photos of wet objects it’s a good idea to use a zoom lens so you can take the images from a distance. Also, don’t change lenses in the snow, rain, fog, and mist.


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