It’s important to protect your digital camera in bad weather conditions. In the fog and rain you need to keep the moisture out of it as it can corrode the electronic elements of the camera.

Some of the best ways to keep the camera protected are to use an umbrella and/or attach one to the tripod.

You can buy a waterproof camera bag and/or underwater housing.

Another method is to place a plastic bag over your camera and make sure there’s a hole in it for the lens. You can use an elastic band to keep the bag attached to it. You can also use a shower cap to keep the camera dry and take it off quickly when you need to shoot.

A lens shade is also useful to keep moisture off of the lens. Don’t forget to use a soft and absorbent cloth to use when wiping off rain drops from the camera and lens. Remember, that fog can be just as harmful as rain and snow.

After shooting in wet weather make sure you dry off the camera and lenses completely before you put them away. If the lens or camera got wet you can place them in a plastic bag for about 24 hours with silica gel.


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