Many photography lovers know about underwater photography, but aren’t sure if any type of special camera equipment is needed for it. If you’re hoping to get some crisp, clear, digital photos of the Loch Ness Monster or Shamu the killer whale then you’re in luck.

As long as you have the proper underwater housing unit, most digital cameras can be used to take photos underwater.

However, some of these housings may interfere with your camera’s mode dial. So try to get one that fits properly and doesn’t get in the way of the camera’s functions.

You can also get specialized cameras that are designed specifically for underwater use. Many camera manufacturers produce special underwater models and some of the top companies specialize in them.

Underwater camera accessories and lighting are also available for use below the waves. It’s a good idea to make sure you check the maximum depth rating on your underwater camera before you dive in.

If you go deeper than the camera’s recommended depth, it may not work properly. And yes, underwater cameras can also be used above water.

These cameras and housings are available in various materials, sizes and shapes. You should be able to find underwater cameras for less than $300.

Photo Credit: Loren kahle



  1. You have really given some good information here…I find this information very helpful as i’m looking forward to some underwater photography.I am very passionate about photography.Thanks!

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