Fujifilm Finepix S200EXRFrom many models to choose, photographers all over the world can now add one more digital camera in consideration: Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR- is a super zoom camera, successor to Fuji’s S100FS with an add on of EXR technology.

What’s new?

The S200, unlike its predecessor, includes the new 12 megapixel sensor, Fuji Super CCD EXR, 2.7 inch flexible LCD screen along with new image processor named EXR, both designed to match the camera’s performance as closer as it can get to human vision.

The new sensor provides superior image quality with high quality resolution, high sensitivity (translated in good quality in dark environments and low noise) and also instilled with amazing colors which is present due to the innovative color filter and the EXR processing technology.

It has some other features like built in image stabilization, Pro focus mode, variety of shooting modes and multi frame technology. It displays a face recognition technology which can autofocus on face at different angles and can deliver maximum of 24 continuous shots.

Looks good, handles better

Fuji’s S200EXR has a body made out of decent quality materials with appropriate finishing along the curves of camera that are slightly above the quality of other entry-level DSLR cameras. Also while handling it, being a relatively lightweight DSLR (it weights 28.9 oz) it does not create discomfort in any way, and feels solid which can withstand few bumps and shocks.

The functions of the camera are user friendly and easily manageable because of the smart and appropriate placement of the buttons and their reduced sizes but you need to familiarize once with the manuals. No one complains about neither the picture’s and display’s quality nor of the viewfinder as the camera is blessed with 14.3x manual zoom which has a focal range of 30.5-436mm.

Overall, the S200EXR provides a very good picture quality and seems to be in the first place regarding the ISO performance, as performance and quality come with a cost, the price of S200EXR can be considered a minus in the long list of pros along with its LCD screen which can’t handle sunlight directly which lead to the usage of eyepiece much more than required. Also to our great surprise, the camera doesn’t support HD video and the power off mode is not up to the expectations of users.

Although S200EXR is considered to be a heavy phone but its features gives you the feel and comfort of a digital camera.


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