Fujifilm has launched 13 new digital cameras to regain its top spot in the digital camera sector. The new additions are all point and shot cameras and include the first 30x optical zoom still camera from Fujifilm. Two of the new models support EXR sensor, a Fujifilm innovation.

FinePix Z700EXR

FinePix Z700EXR 1The new EXR models include a touch screen (FinePix Z700EXR) and a pocket megazoom (FinePixF80EXR) model. The Z700EXR has a touch screen and is great for online sharing. The F80EXR has a 10x optimical zoom and is only 1” thick.

FinePix HS10 has the most powerful zoom tool: the 30x optical zoom. This is a fixed lens (10 megapixel) camera and has a back lit CMOS sensor for good shots in low lights.

The FinePixJZ300 and JZ500 are pocket cameras with megazooms. They are aimed at the low price segment and cost $200 and $250 respectively. They share similar features except that JZ300 has a 12 megapixel lens and the JZ500 has a lens with 14 megapixel.

FinePix S1800FinePix S1800 and FinePix S2550HD are megazoom digital cameras with 18x optical zoom. They share similar features except that S2550HD has a HDMI-out port which S1800 doesn’t have. The S1800 has a motion-tracking auto focus and image rotation during playback.

FinePix XP10The others include six new cameras that are very affordable and have different features. Noted among them is the FinePix XP10 which is a rugged camera.



  1. Fujifilm is one of my favorite brands.i’m going to get one of the new EXR models.These models has got great features.Great post!

  2. This is a perfect article, im lucky I came across it. Ill be back again later to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

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