A digital SLR, also known as a DSLR is a digital single lens reflex camera. Many people use smaller point and shoot style cameras where you view the image to be photographed on a small screen on the back of the camera. But a single reflex model allows you to look through a lens’ view finder.

These types of cameras are ideal for various types of photography because you can change the lenses on the camera body to suit the type of image you’d like to take. For instance, you can use wide-angle, fisheye, macro, zoom, and telephoto lenses etc., as you can simply interchange the lenses according to the situation.

The Benefits of a DSLR Camera

You also have more control of the lighting conditions because you can light your subject by using accessories such as on camera flash, macro flashes, and radio slaves that utilize multiple flashes simultaneously.

Because DSLR cameras offer more freedom and can utilize various accessories, they cost more than point and shoot models. But one of the bonuses is that you can purchase the camera body separately and then add on the lenses and accessories you need as you go along. The camera body is the least expensive part of the camera usually as the accessories and lenses cost more. A DSLR is usually the best choice if you’re serious about photography.

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