Most people take the camera with them when they go on vacation to take shots of all of the sites and attractions. They also like to keep a sort of photo journal of the trip. However, sometimes you might find yourself taking so many photos in such a short period of time that you can’t remember what they’re of.

This is a case where a built-in microphone could definitely be useful. Some cameras come with built in microphones and speakers and they can be a great help. Instead of writing down notes about the images you can simply speak into the microphone before taking the shot and describe the scene and who’s in it. This is also an ideal feature for sports photos as you can describe the action, who the athletes are and what time of the game the photos were taken, etc.

Digital Cameras with Built-in Microphones Ideal for Travel

The microphone might be listed on the camera as voice annotation or voice memo. Depending on themodel of camera, you should be able to describe your scene via the microphone just before you take the photo or just after. It’s a great way to keep track of your images without having to write everything down.

Many digital cameras also let you take short videos with sound. You can then transfer the videos into digital files. The quality isn’t as good as a video camera, but the feature can still come in handy, especially for once-in-a-lifetime events.

There are several types of cameras that come with built-in microphones and it’s a good idea to read some reviews on them before buying one. You should also ask the salesperson to demonstrate a model for you to show you how it works. These types of cameras are an ideal way to keep track of your photos quickly and efficiently.


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