YouTube is in the air, it literally is, as most of the Wi-Fi signals that flow around are somewhere or the other buffering a YouTube video. If talking with the camera is your forte, making YouTube videos can just take you a level up! It’s generous giveaways are fame and bucks! But to make your YouTube videos shine, or to get noticed and liked by people, there are a few parameters that ought to be fixed. Great content being the prime, video quality matters a lot.

Here, it calls for the YouTuber to get a camera that can shoot good quality videos, and performance. If you are planning to buy a brand new camera for your YouTube videos, there are some aspects that you should check, or ask your cam retailer. The best camera for your YouTube videos should consist of the following.

The Best Camera to Create Stunning YouTube Videos

1. Great image quality

You need a camera that shows every detail of what you are presenting. Especially, if you are a beauty blogger or a makeup artist, you need cameras with high megapixels that would capture the perfect shot with accurate details.

Canon 5 D, though being one of the expensive cameras out there, shows great features of lenses that will sure take a great shot for you. Panasonic Lumix GH4, on the other hand, gives high quality 4k videos. Being a little reasonably priced, the cameras showcase a great display!

2. Sound Optimacy

With a video, you ought to deliver your message aptly which also depends a lot on your camera’s sound quality. If you have a great voice, especially if you are a singer, or you cover hit songs as videos, this requirement is a solid requirement for you!

There are great cameras like Sony A7S II that produces better sound quality and a laudable amount of noise reduction.

3. High Battery life

You might need to shoot on locations and exotic places rather than just from your bedroom all the time. You need to rely on your lenses to ensure it’s there for you whenever and wherever you need. It’s a commitment!

Canon EOS 7D Mark II has a Lithium-Ion LP-E6 rechargeable battery which is quite a good one in modern day DSLRs! Carrying a spare battery never hurt!

4. Lies under your budget

You could be starting to make videos, or might have just started already, go with that camera the rate of which still confines itself in your bag of money. Upgrading later, when you make some bucks sounds more feasible!

Nikon D3300 is a great choice if you are starting but still want to give your viewers better quality as it shows pretty good results at better price for it!

5. External features

Cannon T6i has a flip screen that will allow you to see both ways whenever required. Canon Eos 1300D has built in Wi-Fi that allows easy and quick transferring of your videos between devices.

These features add to the functionality of your daily YouTube drivers and give you more scope to perform better on camera.


It matters a lot on your content and how you engage your audience. The sensational Indian YouTube star, Bhuvan Bam, started shooting his YouTube videos with a Nexus 5 front Camera!

Turns out, there is no one camera that promises stunning videos, there are many. The best one for you will be that which complies with your requirements. Buy that which is best for you and you’ll have a satisfying video creation process.

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