Passionate photographers always keep trying to click photographs from different angles and perspective and one of the perspectives which always turns out well in photography is the bird’s eye view. Bird’s eye view is basically a term which means the view from a very high altitude or the view which birds may see when they are flying high up in the sky. The following is some more information about this unique angle in photography.

know about bird’s eye view in photography

Tips to Achieve a Good Photograph from a Bird’s Eye View

In order to click the perfect shot from a bird’s eye view, you can follow certain tips and tricks and list of the major ones are given below:

  • You can stand up on a chair or a stool to reach a height from which capturing a picture from bird’s eye view may be possible.
  • Some photographer’s also make use of ladders to click these pictures.
  • If you wish to capture larger objects or pictures of places or cities, you can make use of cranes, helicopters or stand on top of buildings to click bird’s eye view photographs.
  • Some adventurous photographs also hire hot balloon rides to get their desired bird’s eye view shots.

Uses and Benefits

There are many types of uses and benefits of bird’s eye view photography. The following are some of them.

  • This angle or perspective finds great use in film making as many film makers use this view to click and record shots. The view turns out to be amazing in most cases and helps to lend variations to the way the central character is captured.
  • Bird’s eye view is great for clicking pictures of cities for travel magazines and shows. These pictures prove useful for postcards, newspapers and for brochures.
  • Many photographers’ find bird’s eye view very interesting and use only this perspective for their collections.
  • It is a perspective different from many others and is hence considered valued in the field of photography. It is often difficult to take and requires a lot of skill and patience. This is another reason why bird eye view photographs are considered good.

It is important to be careful about your safety when clicking bird eye view photographs because taking them can be a little risky. One must ensure proper cover and click these pictures with someone else around.

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