BenQ is one of today’s hottest consumer electronics companies. Launched in December 2001, BenQ has been bringing quality and enjoyment to consumers for almost eight years.

Its goal is to increase opportunities for the Acer Group in the digital life devices market, specifically in imaging, storage and display, wireless and broadband areas. BenQ’s products are technologically sophisticated yet simple and enjoyable.

Take for instance BenQ’s digital cameras. Just this year the BenQ C850 digital camera won an award for durability and professionalism at the prestigious red dot design competition, besting all of Taiwan’s companies for the second straight year.

BenQ C850BenQ-C850

The C850 is stylish and comfortable, with its leather covering from front to back concealing state-of-the-art technology that gives professional photographs every time.

BenQ’s digital cameras all have large LCDs as preview or touch screens for easy navigation through modes and settings.

Images come out clear and sharp with in either video or shooting mode with the high resolution (7 MP, 10MP and 12MP), high-tier Pentax lenses and Shake-Free function.

Even scenes in low light can come out bright and clear with the highest ISO settings in the market (up to 6400 in movie mode and 2000 in picture mode).

Images darkened can be instantly corrected in playback mode by adjusting the brightness. BenQ incorporates smart technology in its digital cameras; up to five different types of scenes can be detected and automatically set up.

A BenQ camera can also recognize smiles and track faces, and even pre-compose the background then superimpose a second image onto it.


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