There are some great deals out there on used cameras, but you need to be careful when buying them and should know what to look for. Buying one online can especially be a risky task. If possible, buying a used camera is best done from a dealer or manufacturer as they’re often refurbished and may come with a short warranty.

Be Aware When Buying a Used Camera

These are a few things you should watch out for when buying a used camera.

  • Make sure the connectors aren’t broken or worn out and you can place the memory card and take it out without any problem.
  • Try attaching and de-attaching lenses if it’s an SLR.
  • Check the LCD for a stuck or dead pixel. It won’t affect the quality of the photos, but can still be quite irritating when taking them. If there’s a bad pixel on the actual photos there could be defect in a sensor.
  • If the camera looks pretty beat off and is scratched, there’s a good chance it wasn’t taken care of well.
  • Make sure there’s no corrosion at the battery contacts.
  • Check the built-in flash as well as the shoe for an external flash.
  • Inspect the lenses for fungus.

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