There are more people getting interested in photography but the expensive price of a professional camera makes them think twice. Now, the Canon PowerShot S90 has entered the market.

With its inexpensive rate, it’s one of the cheapest digital SLR available in the market. But the cheap price won’t give you a cheap quality.

This pocket-sized camera is included with real photographic functions and controls. Although it has the same spirit with Canon version of S80 and S70, it doesn’t look very similar with her siblings.

If the Canon PowerShot S90 is the smallest and sleekest among the other S-Series compact cameras, it is clear that the S90 is the most sophisticated too!

Built with the new Control Ring around the lens, Canon PowerShot S90 can be set to control exposure, for example the aperture or how fast the shutter will be. It’s also equipped with step zoom and AE compensation.

If you are currently studying the photography and you don’t have a lot of cash to buy an expensive camera for your own experiment, the Canon PowerShot S90 enables you to practice with your own creativity from various points of view using the manual focus.

With a large CCD sensor of around 1/1.7” and 0.43 cm², the Canon PowerShot S90 has been designed with high sensitivity just like the Panasonic LX3. This sensor will give you more quality pictures.

Equipped with 10 megapixel sensor, the combination between the high megapixel and the large CCD will give you the maximum quality of the bright lens. Its megapixel sensor is combined with Digic 4 processor which was produced by Canon.

All these combinations will also bring you the dual anti-noise system designed by Canon. While most pocket cameras will give you a lot of noise which could hardly be fixed with Photoshop, the Canon PowerShot S90 will provide you with the clearest pictures when compared to many pocket cameras.

When you compare it with Panasonic LX3, the Canon is much smaller and there’s a significant difference if we look at it from the sideways.

With a slimmer body and also a lighter weight than Panasonic LX3, the Canon PowerShot S90 could be the most appealing and alluring from among pocket-sized photographic cameras.

With various abilities including optical image stabilization, low light mode, and even smarter scene detection, the Canon PowerShot S90 could produce HD output and picture display on the 3.0 inch PureColor II LCD screen.

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