Digital CameraEvery one loves to have a digital camera. Almost every technology company is producing digital cameras.

Starting from Canon to HP, even other companies are producing digital cameras. Selecting from these cameras is a challenge.

Other than that, selecting a perfect camera which suits your idea of photography is also a tough job.

The following tips for selecting a good camera will surely help you out.

Why to opt a digital camera?

Digital camera Vs Film Camera:

Digital camera

Film camera

Ability to preview pictures and delete bad shots and have a reshot

Does not have this facility

The cost of the memory card is less and need not replace every time. Re usable

Need to replace with new film.

Easily saved in computer

Have a long process to store in your computer

Lens decide the quality

Film decides the quality of photo

Supports graphic designing and easily done after taking the photos

Supports graphics and have along process

The main features that decide a digital camera a big success or a flop are:

  1. Resolution
  2. Lens quality
  3. Zoom quality
  4. Flash quality
  5. Memory card

Resolution is a feature that refers to sharpness or detailing of the picture. If it is high in the mega pixel, it will be higher in resolution. So decide which megapixel is necessary for you.

1 mega pixel

5*7 inches

2 mega pixel

8*10 inches

3 mega pixel

11*14 inches

4-5 mega pixel

20*40 inches

1 mega pixel is preferred for taking images from near. These are good for posting images and emailing photos. It does not allow graphic designing.

For 2 mega pixel, the maximum resolution is 1600×1200. Good for viewing on monitors.

A 3-5 mega pixel will make any one a perfect photographer due to the detailing it offers. Perfectly supports graphic designing.

Digital camera lens also plays a vital role in the picture quality. If the digital camera lens is made of glass, it yields better clarity picture than plastic lens pictures.

Some digital cameras have fixed focus lens, these lens focus only in the range. Many cameras now are released with auto focus lens which can specifically pick an item in the center or at the end.

Zoom quality: Two types of zoom lenses are available: one is Optical and the other is Digital. Digital zoom enlarges the image without adding any clarity to the picture and for the clarity you need to run for some soft ware which details the picture.

Optical zoom is like “all done” adds detailing, sharpness and clarity to the zoomed picture.

Flash quality: A flash is always necessary to shoot in low light and indoors. Most digital cameras have auto flash, but at a higher end the cameras now are providing manual flash capability. [Camera Flashes]

Red eye reduction– Almost this feature is very necessary for you. This is used to reduce the iris effect in your eyes, so that the eye does not emit much light.

External flash: This is more powerful than automatic. This comes as an external option for you and some times it is also connected to the camera. In bad light or shooting indoors, this will be a plus point for getting good pictures.

Memory: Compact flash digital camera memory card and secure digital and multimedia cards are the two main memory cards which help you to store the picture in the cameras itself and they occupy very less space and are compatible to transfer the memory into your PC.

Based on the above features, selecting a digital camera that suits your idea of photography is not so hard.


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