When it comes to deciding if you should use a zoom lens or the camera’s prime lens there are a few things you should consider.

The best quality lenses are generally prime lenses because they are optimized for one focal length. These lenses are usually faster because they enable you to use a larger maximum aperture setting, which translates into a smaller f-stop.

The larger aperture lets in more light, which means the lens is a better option in low-light conditions. The smaller f-stop also lets you minimize the depth of field in your photos.

Smaller prime or standard lenses are also more compact and lighter, making them easy to carry around and making the camera a bit easier to handle.

Do You Need a Zoom Lens for General Photography?

Modern-day zoom lenses are also designed to achieve excellent optical performance. With a zoom lens, you don’t have to carry around several lenses of different sizes with you.

You might want to consider a model that ranges from a focal length of about 17 mm to 125 mm.

These are quite versatile and make for a decent walking around lens as they are designed to cover most photographic situations, such as telephoto and wide-angle shots.

A zoom lens offers more flexibility as it offers a wider variety of settings. This lets you fill the photo frame with your image, allowing you to get everything in it without the need for cropping.

If you’re photographing sports or other types of events you may not be able to get close enough to the action. A zoom lens will help you solve this problem by bringing the action to you.

The lens offers quick focal-length changes which could be needed. It also means you don’t have to change standard lenses in different situations. The less you change your lens, the less chance there is of dust entering the camera and settling on the sensor.

Zoom lenses are bulkier and heavier and they can also cost a pretty penny, especially for a fast one such as an f2.8 model.

The best thing to do before deciding on the right lens is to figure out if you’re going to be using the camera for general types of photos or for specialty shots such as sports or photojournalism.

If you’re interested in everyday general photography then a prime or standard lens should suit you fine.


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