There are many situations in landscape photography where tripods are mandatory and the importance of tripods cannot be under-estimated.

Though many press photographers shun the use of tripods, there are many situations in which they are necessary.

For example, sports photographers use tripods and monopods to avoid blur in fast pictures.

When it comes to nature photography, a tripod is mandatory and carrying these heavy, bulky accessories is the bane of most photographers’ lives when walking on mountains or dense forests. However, their necessity cannot be under-estimated.

Cases when a tripod is necessary for nature photography:

Sunset: Every nature photographer dreams of clicking the perfect sunset or sunrise. A sunrise photo is much easier than clicking a sunset image. When clicking sunset images, the light is overshadowed by the dark and proper lighting is not available.

Increasing the dark can be a challenge for many photographers who are clicking images with a handheld camera, and a tripod avoids the blur caused by the darkness.

Afternoons: Many feel that there is no need for a tripod in the afternoons, as the images do not have shake even if the camera is set in a smaller aperture. This is a false assumption: tripods are not only useful for avoiding shakes in images; they can also prevent shadows that form in the images.

Mid-afternoon images give a lot of shadows or dark spaces, intense shadows are formed and clicking images can be difficult task. A tripod is necessary to click images with different exposures which can later be combined for a perfect afternoon image.

Natural density filter (ND): If you have installed a ND filter to the camera, you can control the blur caused by fast movement. ND filters and tripods should be used together to create perfect blurless pictures.

It you have installed an ND filter in your camera, a tripod is indispensable for creating a perfect shot, as handheld clicking is a nightmare if you only have ND filters.

Telephoto Lens: Ever tried telephoto lens shooting with a handheld camera? Shooting with a telephoto lens is just like dancing on fire, as you need to be sharp and spontaneous. The slightest mistake can spoil your shot as it has a short shutter speed. A tripod will minimize the stress of getting blurred images as it can give you control on shutter speed.


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