Light tents are often used as a device to help you get clearer photos. A light tent is basically an enclosed area which is constructed of some type of translucent material which will provide you with seamless, diffused lighting.

A tent will also soften and reflect the light for soft, enhancing shadows and will eliminate glare and hot spots.

You can purchase light tents or you can also create your own when you don’t have one available to buy. You can quickly build a tent out of just about anything that’s translucent.

They come in various designs and there are basically two main types, hard and soft.

Hard tents can be made of things such as cardboard boxes, white foam, and plastic translucent sheets to reflect and diffuse the light. Soft tents can be made of materials that are easy to move and adjust. Examples of these are tissue paper, bed sheets, and pillowcases.

Light tents are ideal for shooting shiny and reflective objects such as coins, glass, and jewelry. To make a tent work you put the object you’re going to shoot in the tent and light it from the outside.

They can be used with both natural and artificial light sources. If the tent is large enough, you can also put a background inside of it.

Tents are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can usually be purchased individually or as part of a kit. Tents typically start at about a $50 price.


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