EZcube Light TentThe size of the EZcube light tent that you decide to use depends on what you are trying to capture.

An EZcube light tent is perfect to keep unwanted light which will inadvertently cause a glare in your photo out.

The EZcube is a basic dark color tent that shades the image that you are trying to capture.

Light bounces off of the tent, and not onto your image. Whenever light bounces off of your image onto your camera it causes a glare that is impossible to fix. The tent will be put around the image in a means to shade it from the blinding light.

Many people utilize EZcube tents when they are taking photos of objects that already give off a glare. Objects that have a shiny appearance to them, will often times give off a glare a lot more than objects that are simply bland. The shimmering of the object is beautiful, but is not recommended for photography.

The EZcube is available in five different sizes. The sizes range from 12” to 20”, 30”, 40” and 55”. It is recommended that you purchase a cube that is going to fit snuggly in the open amount of space around the picture. If the tent is too tight, it may seem impossible to crop the picture to come out with an overall better shot.

There is a particular size guideline that you should follow when you are utilizing an EZcube tent. Normally items that are of a smaller stature such as 9” tall and smaller are perfect to use the 12” EZcube for. Items that are 16” tall or smaller will fit great inside a 20” EZcube, while, of course your bigger items call for bigger cubes.

Items that measure up to 24” tall, such as a guitar or anything of the sort, should fit snuggly inside an EZcube that is 30” tall. When you have items measuring 34” tall they are better fit into a cube that is 40” tall while larger items that are 45” tall should have the biggest EZcube which measures out to be 55” tall.

Utilizing an EZcube is extremely easy to do. You can even run a piece of thread through the cube in order to keep the object in the position that you desire. The cubes will provide overall better photographs through and through.


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