Many people who hear about a wide angle lens may want to know what is a wide angle lens and what kind of photos are it used for? Most people get this kind of lens because they want to take pictures that are wider than they can take with their normal lens. Instead of taking a normal photo with a limited aspect to it, this person will want to take an image with some sort of panoramic view to it.

If you don’t know what is a wide angle lens then you will be surprised with what you can do with this kind of lens on your camera. You will obviously be able to take wider pictures, but that is not all you get to do with this panoramic lens. This type of lens gives you the ability to take panoramic pictures, and you can even take pictures that go a complete 360 degrees if you are willing to take multiple shots.


The best thing about having a wide angle lens on your camera is that you can take panoramic photos without having to take multiple shots.

You won’t be able to take 360 degree photos in one shot, but you will definitely be able to get a wider view than you are used to having.

Anyone who is interested in learning about panoramic photography should definitely look into this type of lens because it can be a great tool for learning.

What is a wide angle lens really going to do?

There are many different methods for using a wide angle lens, so there is no really one answer to the question of “what is a wide angle lens really used for?” You have to get one of these lenses to really learn all about them because it is hard to describe what you can achieve with them in words.

The real reason you should try to get one of these lenses is that you will be able to take a wider photo of a certain landscape without having to take multiple shots of the view.

Landscape photos are not the only type of photo that can benefit from this lens, and you can actually use this type of lens on all of your photos when you realize what it can do. You can get in closer to your main focus in a photo without having to zoom in because you will be able to capture a wider angle. There are simply so many advantages to even name when it comes to adding a wide lens to your camera.

Use your wide lens to learn about panoramic photography

If you are really interested in what is a wide angle lens then you should definitely take a look into panoramic photography. This is a specific aspect of photography that is definitely worth learning about because it will give you the ability to get a new point of view on all of your photos.


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