The world of digital photography is very advanced as there are so many technological aspects of it that have been improved on over the years. These days it seems like everything is “new and improved” and most people are under the impression that bigger is better.

However, some photographers prefer to go back to the basics. They don’t go all the way back to film photography, but use some of the basic principles of it.

For instance, there are so many different types and sizes of memory cards available and most people go for the ones that have the most memory and can store the highest amount of images.

However, if you’re taking photos of a special occasion or trip, you may want to opt for a smaller memory card. The reason behind this is if you happen to lose it then all of your precious photos are gone for good.

But if you use smaller cards and get in the habit of changing them, just like a film, you won’t lose all of your photos as they’ll be spread out on several memory cards.

Of course another way to make sure you don’t lose your favourite photos is to back them up somehow as soon as possible, either on a disk or the hard drive of your computer.


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