If you are a digital camera or DSLR owner then there are some things and tools that you must be aware of and buy. One among such things is a battery grip.  A battery grip is basically a device which makes it possible for you to fit an extra regular camera battery and gives you an option of running the camera from multiple batteries.

This product gives more power to your camera and is useful for those who need to click for hours together and may not get the time to charge the batteries in between. If you wish to know more about battery grips and their main uses, you can go through the following given information:

uses of camera battery grip

1. Extra Power

The main use of a battery grip is extra power or battery.  The device enables you to use your camera for a much longer period of time without having to charge time and again.  This product is highly useful for professional photographers who are always clicking pictures on the go and in studios and may need uninterrupted camera usage. These grips extend the shooting time and makes way for a smooth clicking session.

2. Make Cameras Easier to Handle

Another major use of a battery grip is that it makes it easier for you to handle and use your camera. It makes the camera a little larger and is thus easy to handle for those with bigger hands. Anyone who is interested in portrait photography may find this very fact even more helpful.

3. Extra Weight

Camera battery grips often tend to have additional weight and this helps you to reduce camera shake. Camera shake can be the reason behind many blurred or ruined pictures but with a battery grip in place, the shake can be reduced and makes your experience smoother and better.

4. Controls are Duplicated

Another use of a battery grip is that the shutter button and some other controls are duplicated in it and this makes way for a more comfortable and intuitive handling.  The lock for the secondary shutter button is usually fitted and this acts as a guard against accidental pressing.

5. Worry Free Photography Experience

When you know that you have limited battery in your camera you are always tensed about extra usage but with a battery grip, this tension can be reduced and thus you can enjoy a worry-free photography session.

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