For any photographer, taking pictures indoors is a challenge, due to focusing the right angle and bearing the proper light on the images. In case you are not that pleased by pop-up flash of your camera and you do everything to avoid the shadows, while shooting indoor, simply get the right helper – Lightscoop.

This is a revolutionary invention of Professor Kobre and it is called one of the best innovations for capturing images with a perfect light. The device is a well-fitted angled mirror, that could be attached to the camera’s hot-shoe. Its option is to catch the bouncing light and to spread it.

lightscoopThis will help you get rid of the shadows and blurry images. You just need to be near the wall, positioned behind you.

Light scoop is for those images, where the light of the window is behind you, but due to its angled mirror, the shadow won’t lie on your subject and the light will be spread properly.

Lightscoop is offered with two options – original scoop and warming scoop. Whatever you are choosing, it is sure this device solves any light problems. The Lightscoop is easy to set up and attach. In order to give yourself more comfort just close your pop-up before using the Lightscoop.


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