If you want to magnify or increase the focal length of the lens on your camera, one option is to attach a tele converter to it. These are also known in some parts of the world as a tele extender.This device is basically a small lens that attaches between the body of your camera and the lens to increase the focal length of the lens.

There are many different types of tele converters available as they come with different degrees of magnifying power. They usually range from about 1.4 times to three times the normal magnifying power of the camera lens.

The tele converter is designed to magnify or increase the lens’ focal power without having to change the lens or buy a more expensive one. The tele converter will basically act as a sort of ‘zoom’ device.

For example, if you attach a 3X tele converter in front of your 100mm lens, it will enlarge the image size by tripling the focal length of the lens to the equivalent of 300mm.

However, be aware that you might want to use a tele converter only when necessary as they generally reduce the amount of light let into the camera and they can lower the quality of the image.

These devices can range in price from about $50 to several thousand, depending on the magnifying power of the unit.

Photo credit: boozysmurf


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