Often, photographers like to use natural light for outdoor shots. Some people find it unnecessary to use speed light in outdoor photography. But nowadays, expert photographers are not against the idea of using speed lights for street photography. However, you must know the techniques of using them, because otherwise too much light can ruin your picture. Thus here we provide a few tips which will help you in using speed light without any trouble.

speed light in outdoor photography

Speed Light Flashes for Outdoor Photography: Tips to do it in the Right Way

Why don’t photographers generally avoid speed light in outdoor pictures? This is so because in general there are sufficient light for taking outdoor shots. Thus you have to learn that when you need speed lights for taking picture.

  • Sometimes there is not enough natural light to take a good quality photograph. It is at times like those you need the speed lights most. If you are aiming to shoot an object which is under some shade, then speed light can save your day by providing just the right amount of light in your picture.
  • The most important trick that you need to learn is to adjust the speed light according to the ISO and the aperture you are using. Though it will not give you the exact replica of a natural light, it can provide for the essential light condition that your frames need. You need to adjust the ISO manually and not put it in auto mode in order to use the speed light in a proper way.
  • You will need to get accustomed to the Flash Exposure Compensation button in your camera before you can use the speed light to perfection. The best way of learning to control this FEC is the trial and error method. So you should take a picture and check if it is looking too bright or too dull and then lower or increase the light according to it.
  • Remember not to keep your flash in ETTL mode or auto mode either. This mode ensures that the flash is high on power and therefore might flood your picture with too much unwanted light. Or, sometimes, the power can be too low, leading to equally disastrous results.

The best way to learn the use of speed lights for outdoor photography is to practice more and more. Tips from experts can help you to a certain extent, but eventually it is you who have to execute the task. So it is necessary to make your own rules.

Photo Credit By: tummytotoddler

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