The jury of the Society for Wedding and Portrait Photography has recently picked its favorite: the Gary Fong Light sphere was named last year’s best professional accessory.

What the gadget actually is you might be wondering. An innovative system of on camera flash diffusion which brings a considerable improvement to all kinds of professional photography which blew away the competition, tight as it was.

The owner of BBJ Imports (the corporation which hosts Gary Fong’s products) said the award is so valuable because it makes the voice of so many skilled photographers heard. The photography industry is asking for more and more innovations each day, and it is wonderful to know we can successfully contribute to its development, she added.

BBJ Imports Limited was founded on the idea that photographers need much more than talent in order to do their job right. It works on providing inventions that fit the needs of Europe’s professional photographers, both hardware and software, plus educational seminars, and it successfully did so since its launch in 2006 to this day.

As for the Gary Fong, he is an American photographer well known for two of his inventions in the field: the Gary Fong Light-sphere (l and ll) and the Whale-tail Reporter, both ingenious flash diffusers.


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