The first lessons of photography involve learning about the types of digital camera lenses. In order to take the shots that you were always dreaming about, you will have to know which right lenses are for you or when you have to change your lenses.

Types of Digital Camera Lenses

Fixed focal length lens

Just as the name suggests, the focal length of the lenses doesn’t change a bit. This means that in order to have a close up, you will have to physically move closer to your subject. However, if you get too close, the features of the subject may get distorted.

Optical zoom lens

A lot of photographers say regarding the kinds of digital camera lens that the optical zoom lens is the real lens for digital cameras. In this case the mechanism of the lens has to retract and extend so that the image will be magnified by the lens. This is the kind of zoom that offers the best results.

Digital zoom lens

In case you are interested in the types of digital camera lenses, this is another kind of lens to think about. This isn’t a real zoom, but a simulation by magnifying the central part of the image in the camera. The length of the lens doesn’t change in this case. This kind of zoom will reduce the clarity of the images.

Converter and interchangeable lenses

When it comes to the digital camera lens kinds you should also think about the single lens reflex cameras. These are compatible with a wide selection of interchangeable lenses. Some of the lenses are compatible with both DSLR cameras and SLR cameras; however, some of the features may become unavailable.

Focal length

The people interested in the types of digital camera lenses should think about focal length before getting new lenses. In order to find out what lenses you need for your camera first you have to inspect the technical specifications of your camera.


Although the lenses may be suitable for your camera, they might not be compatible. This is another aspect to consider regarding the lens kinds of digital camera. Again, for this you will have to read the technical specifications of the camera in question.

In order to become a pro, you will have to know a lot about the different types of digital camera lensesto choose the best one for your photos.


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