One of the best ways to secure your camera and keep it steady while you’re taking photographs is to use an accessory known as a tripod. This device is very popular with photographers as it is a rigid, three-legged support that comes with a flat platform or head on it to hold your camera in place.

Most tripods come with a head that has an elevated center post in it. You can then attach your camera to this elevated post and raise and lower the camera by moving the post up and down. The elevator means you don’t have to keep adjusting the legs of the tripod.

Tripods come in a variety of materials, designs, weights, and sizes. The heavier a tripod is the more sturdy it should be, which means it should offer good support.

However, if this accessory is too heavy, it can be difficult and awkward to carry around with you.

But if your camera is heavy, then your tripod should also be quite strong and sturdy to be able to support it.

If your tripod is too light it may be affected by wind. In this case you can hang a weight from the head of it to stabilize it.

Table-top tripods are also quite popular as well as mini and compact models that can be folded away into a small case or bag. A tripod may range in price from about $20 to several hundred for a complete kit.


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