A hand held flash meter is a device used in photography which is a manual method of measuring the exposure of a particular shot or frame. While most devices come inbuilt with their own meter these days, a lot of people or photographers continue using hand held flash meters due to many reasons of which the most common ones are the accuracy and the speed. If you wish to know more benefits of using a hand held flash meter, you can go through the following given information:

benefits of using a hand held flash meter

  • One of the top benefits of using a hand held flash meter is in the case when there is steady lighting. Steady lighting basically means consistent and even lighting situations. In such lighting conditions, no light is brightened or dimmed by any internal or external factor. Steady lighting conditions are often used indoors in sports theatres like in volleyball courts and basketball courts. These lighting conditions are also there inside halls and hotels. Here, you can take a reading on your hand held flash meter once and then set the camera on manual to take all the shots.
  • Another benefit of using a hand held flash meter is while using vintage cameras. Vintage cameras or slightly old cameras usually do not have an inbuilt flash meter in them and thus in such cases, hand held meters could prove very useful. Infact, people or photographers who use only vintage cameras swear by hand held flash meters and cannot do without them for most of their shots.
  • A hand held flash meter also proves very effective and beneficial in a situation where one is using off camera flash. During studio work or other such lighting set ups, using off-camera flash can get very tricky without incorporating a hand held flash meter. In such a case, a hand held flash meter is the only way of getting great exposures and hence the only one way of clicking good photographs.
  • In case of night shots or long exposures, hand held flash meters can be lifesaving. In-camera flash meters can make it very tricky to take a long exposure shot and in such case, a hand held flash meter may be needed. Moreover, in many in-camera meters, one cannot get shutter speeds beyond a certain time and in such cases, a hand held meter comes to the rescue.

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