wildlife imagesGoing on an African safari is almost everyone’s idea of an ideal adventure vacation.

With the expense, time and effort put into realize this dream, it is important to bring home some long-lasting memories of the trip.

An African safari, probably more than any other travel destination, provides some of the most beautiful photography opportunities due to its stunning geography, diverse cultures and varied wildlife.

With this in mind, it is important to have the right photography equipment that is ideal for this type of trip.

For good quality wildlife images, the best type of camera to purchase is a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera. These cameras are capable of taking some very beautiful shots quickly and are very easy to use.

The point-and shoot type cameras would be good to carry around in your pocket for back-up in case your more expensive primary camera breaks down.

An African safari usually consists of riding around in safari vans. Although you can get close to some animals in certain situations, most of the times the wildlife will be somewhat in the distance. This distance requires some type of zoom lens to get a reasonable close-up shot of your target.

The best zoom lens to have is a wide-range zoom lens with auto-focus capability.

The 600 mm is perfect for getting good bird shots while the 400 mm is ideal to take some great shots of the more terrestrial wildlife.

When purchasing your zoom lens, it is very important to invest in a good quality lens more than putting your money into an expensive camera.

The quality of the lens determines the quality of your photographs, not the camera itself. Therefore, to bring home superior quality images of your safari vacation, invest in the lens rather than the camera.


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