The Canon lenses reach an amazing round number. The 50 millionth was produced and recently launched, an EF 100 mm f/2.8L Macro.

With 23 years of history behind, the EF lens from Canon are in a tight competition with the older (51 years old already) F type of lens from Nikon, who also launched its 50 millionth last September.

But what is it worth exactly? Canon insists the new EF symbolizes a milestone in the history of the brand. Since the first EOS, produced in 1987, Canon has reached a record of 10 million lenses manufactured in only two years time, being the first to implement an image stabilizer in a digital camera.

They were the pioneers of implementing multiple layered diffractive optic systems especially designed for the action captures, in 2001. In 2008, Canon was also the first to produce the SWC (which stands for sub wave length structure coating) with a focal of 1.4 for the enthusiasts of landscape photography.

The newest telephoto achievement Canon brags with is dated 2010; its specifications are 70-200mm EF, focal distance of 2.8 II USM and it can be used for any kind of photography. All these achievements sustain the most bought brand of photo cameras and promise many surprises for the future.


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