flash memory cardAs unbelievable as it may seem, the art of digital photography has several secrets that are connected mostly to the gear and knowledge used while taking the picture.

The useful accessories

The most useful accessories for a digital camera are a flash memory card and a set of spare batteries.

It would be a shame if when the perfect spot, or perfect photography subject  comes,  creating the opportunity to take the “photography of a life time”, you would have to miss the moment  because of a failing battery or of lack of space on the memory card.

Also you need to forget that the digital camera has a digital zoom, because even the “freeware” programs that allow you to alter the picture result a better quality that a digitally zoomed picture has.

Compressing the digital photographs

Even if you have available only a small flash memory card, you must resist the temptation of having the digital photos archived. You can save space by thinking twice before taking a picture.

Digital camera resolution

Use your camera at the maximum possible resolution. Using an inferior resolution does not take advantage of all the qualities the camera producer thought for the device so “your toy” will not perform at the quality you paid for.

Scanning for small objects

Sometimes when you are about to capture on camera small details like grains of sand, coffee beans or dry leaves the best way to catch the composition is to use a camera with a scanner.

Metallic objects like jewelry look amazing photographed with a digital scanner camera. The scanner acts like an electronic microscope allowing the capture of the most amazing details.

The image composition

The digital photography has its own visual language. In order to know which are the elements it is better to know a definition of the photo you are about to take.

The digital photography involves the quality and the quantity of light and not the actual display of the form as other visual arts do. This definition is important because the light dance is the one responsible for “reality of the picture”, the picture subordinating itself to the light.

As the digital camera is concerned, it is just an instrument, a very smart one indeed, conditioned only by your vision, to create a masterpiece.

The difference between the photography of a graphic analyst and one of a professional photographer is most of the times one of an artistic vision.

An artist photographer will notice the nuances resulted from the light reflection and will capture the frame accordingly, resulting in a picture worth remembering over the ages.



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