A tripod seems to be one of the most basic types of photography accessories since it’s basically a stand that’s used to keep your camera steady. However, there are a few details you should be looking at before buying one as they are all different.

Tripods were more common in the days of film photography, but they’re still very helpful in the digital age even though many cameras and lenses come with image stabilizers. There are quite a lot of options when it comes to selecting a tripod. That’s because they come in a variety of weights, sizes, and shapes. They also come with a variety of options and accessories.


The tripod’s weight needs to be considered since you’ll be carrying it around with you. If you can find a model that meets all of your needs and there are options in its weight you might want to consider a lighter one.

However, the tripod will have to be able to handle the weight of your digital camera and lenses. If you’re just using a compact camera for your photos then you shouldn’t have any problem with a light model.

But if you’re using big lenses, a flash unit and an SLR  then you need to make sure it can handle the weight and keep everything steady.

But just because a tripod is pretty heavy it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s stable. The only real way to test it for stability is to place your camera and accessories on it before buying. This means you’ll probably have to take that gear with you when you visit the camera shop.

Make sure you extend the legs fully on the tripods that you’re trying out and then see how steady they are with your camera equipment on them. The leg locks of a tripod are important and you should test them by placing a bit of pressure on the unit to see how good they hold. The locks should also be adjustable and easy to use.

The number of leg sections may also influence you . Models with two sections are faster and easier to set up, but they’re longer in size. Many photographers prefer the three-section models as they feel they’re sturdier. These tripods take a little longer to extend though and have more locks, but they are shorter in length. You should take the height (length) of the unit into consideration. It’s a lot more comfortable to take your photos if you don’t have to bend down too far to see through your camera.

You don’t want the tripod to be too short, but if it’s too long it could be more awkward to carry, as lot of it will depend on your height and how you plan to use the tripod. Just make sure that the unit is steady when it’s fully extended.

The head of a tripod will be either a pan-and-tilt type or a ball and socket. Many people feel the ball and socket types are a lot smoother and more flexible. However, a pan-and-tilt head is generally less expensive and locks into place more securely.

However, the good news is that you can purchase the head and the tripod unit separately as well as together in a package. This means you can always buy a head to replace an existing one. It’s a good idea to test the head’s motion before buying it.


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