The Compact Flash card is one of the oldest card types being available in two options called type I and type II. The type II cards are thicker and it is good to know that all micro-drives are type II.

Not all the cameras work with both types so if you intend to purchase a micro-drive it is better to first make sure that the camera is compatible with the card.

The Compact Flash cards are used especially by the performance camera owners because they are very fast. Their known speed is needed for the transfer of data from the internal memory of the camera to the card[memory card].

You can purchase compact flash cards with different speeds (2x, 4x, 10x, 25x or higher) but you must keep in mind that the price grows exponentially with the speed.

For snap shooting, the cheapest standard speed will be fast enough because only the professionals need about 4 images of the optimal quality/second and this thing can be achieved only with a 25x speed. Still it is good to know that the speed of the card does not influence the performance of the camera.

The necessary time to take and store a picture depends equally if not more on the camera rather than on the CF card. The fastest cards can allow the images to be written with 50% higher speed than an ordinary one, but this is unnoticeable when using a normal, every day camera.

Photo Credit: William Hook


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