Select The Right Digital Camera Memory Card For Your Cam!

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Digital Camera Memory CardOne of the most important component in the digital camera is its memory card. This digital camera memory card is used to store the snaps.

The memory card which is given along with your digital camera will have less memory. So, while buying the digital camera, try to include the extra memory card along with it.

You have to check the various memory options before selecting the memory card for your digital camera.

If your digital camera has high resolution then you have to buy the memory card which has high capacity. If you are an average photographer using 3 to 5 megapixel camera then get the memory card which has 128 or 256 megabytes.

The storage capacity of digital camera memory cards will be different for different cameras with different megapixels.

For example, if you have 2G memory card then for 6 megapixel camera it will hold 673 snaps, for 5 megapixel camera it will hold 807 snaps, for 4 megapixel camera it will hold 1077 snaps, for 3 megapixel camera it will hold 1752 snaps and for two megapixel camera it will hold 2368 snaps.

Various types of memory cards available in the market are:

  • Compact flash digital camera memory card
  • Secure digital and multimedia cards
  • Memory stick
  • Card reader

Compact flash digital camera memory card: This memory card is cheap when compared to other memory cards. It will be available in almost all digital camera accessories shops and it is compatible for more number of digital cameras.

It is called as the most popular card because more number of camera lovers use this memory card. This card consists of in-built controller in order to provide high transfer speeds. These high transfer speeds are applicable for digital SLR cameras only.

Secure digital and multimedia cards: In short, these cards are named as SD cards. These are the smallest cards of memory which has the capacity of 512 MB.

You can use these cards to several equipments such as MP3 players, digital cameras, video cameras, phones, etc. These SD cards will have a write-protect switch in order to provide data security.

Memory stick: This memory stick was invented by Sony. So, it will be mostly applicable for Sony devices only. This memory stick is mostly applicable for Sony digital camera and Toshiba laptop.

Card reader: You have to purchase this card reader if you have an extra memory card along with you. This card reader is useful to transfer the snaps into your PC or laptop.

You can directly connect this card reader to your system through USB port. So, there is no necessity to have extra cables to connect the card reader to the system.

These are the various types of digital camera memory cards available in the market. Among all, you have to select the right one which is suitable for your digital camera.

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