The latest trend regarding camera lens is for the manufacturers to incorporate adjustment features into the camera for the performance of the lens to be as fine as possible. Sigma took the idea even further. The new USB Dock accessory can be fine-tuned and it can receive updates from the company.

Reviewing Sigma USB Dock

The Features

The product is made of metal lens mount that comes with electronic contacts all in a plastic body. If the accessory is used along with one of the newest lenses, it can be fine-tuned and even updated. The Sports range lenses have three optical stabilization modes, three focusing speeds and the focus limiter’s range is set by the company’s software through USB connection.

Technical Details

The accessory comes accompanied by a USB cable which is specific for the Sigma products. If the cable isn’t used properly, certain issues may arise. The software can be downloaded directly from the internet. Once it is installed on the computer, users can connect the dock along with the compatible lenses.


When connected, the computer can recognize the lenses instantly. When used, the software splits the distance into four regions which is important in case of the lenses that have problems with focusing at given distances. Usually small adjustments need to be made and the software has to recheck the lens.


When making any adjustments, the software warns the user that by disconnecting the lenses before the changes are completed could damage their equipment. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the adjustments and in the end the photographer will be able to use the lens at maximum aperture without any problems.

Value for Money

You can buy the USB dock for £39.99 which seems to be quite reasonable. The majority of the cameras have the option to make such adjustments for the lens, but they still cannot achieve the results that the USB dock has to offer, and this is just natural since a camera will never be able to take the place of a computer.

Final Verdict

All in all we can say that the Sigma USB dock is good value for money and it will make sure that you can make the best of your lens. Since photographers will be able to make adjustments at home, they will manage to save money on lens service and they will have all the control they need at their fingertips.


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