A photographer is always exposed to bad weather, while he works. How to keep the safety of his camera is one of the biggest photographer’s concerns. There is a simple and smart way to protect your camera with a condom, made by rain trousers!

rain cover

This creative and eccentric way of protecting your camera from the rain is an idea, practiced by many photographers. Simply buy a pair of rain trousers made of light nylon, which is perfect material to cover your camera and make sure you are having some Velcro.

All you need to do is measuring the size of your camera and lens. Then clip off one of the trouser’s legs, turn them inside out and sew the opening of the clipped leg.

Next step is to measure the Velcro length that is for the remaining trouser leg. Sew the pieces Velcro inside the leg and cuff a hole for the tripod screw. This is how you will receive a protecting bag for your camera while taking photos in bad weather conditions.


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