zoom lensesA vast subject in photography, lenses is the subject of many a worry for beginners and need deeper investigation. [Photographic Lenses]

Because their range is so wide, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about lenses and their uses.

Though scrutiny of the subject is really a daunting process, lenses can simplistically be categorized into prime lenses and zoom lenses. The first step to more knowledge is differentiating between these two lenses.

Prime lens: This is not a flexible lens or a fixed focal length lens. This lens has only one focal length and cannot be changed according to your desire. They come in a wide range of focal lengths, starting with wide angle lens to telephoto lens.

Zoom lens: A flexile lens or, it can be described more precisely as an adjustable focal length lens. It has many focal lengths in one lens and can be adjusted according to the camera and picture requirements.

Increasing in popularity, it is considered the most flexible and convenient lens. One lens can satisfy wide and larger focal lengths.

Tallying the better lens from prime lens and zoom lens

Quality in the lenses: Zoom lenses are today being developed at a rapid rate and are improving quality in pictures.

However, prime lenses are known and recognized for their quality which can produce clean, crisp images.

When it comes to a comparison between prime lenses and zoom lenses; some zoom lenses provide images with top quality while some prime lenses can yield poor and muddy pictures.

Some types of zoom lens give you good pictures and some prime lenses give you bad pictures. The bottom line, however, is that most prime lens gives you top-quality pictures.

Price: When compared with zoom lenses, the construction of prime lenses is simple and can be understood easily.

They do not have any extra moving parts which are normally seen in zoom lenses, useful for zooming.

This main aspect decides the price of the lens, as prime lenses do not have many movable parts. They cost less than the zoom lens, as they have many movable parts useful in zooming. As a result, prime lenses are cheaper.

But when you compare in long run; you need different prime lenses to satisfy your need and one zoom lens can satisfy all your needs.

So, you need to buy many focal lengths prime lenses, but a single zoom lens can satisfy the need without the question of buying a separate focal length prime lens.

Weight: As said before prime lenses do not have any extra movable parts. So, it is small in construction and even weighs less when compared with zoom lenses. If you compare two lenses of same focal lengths also prime lens is lighter than zoom lens.

Flexibility: The best part of the zoom lens is the flexibility it offers to the person using the camera.

In prime lens, you need to change lens for clicking images in different focal lengths.

But in zoom lens you need not change the lens for different focal lens and one single turn of the zoom lens can adjust according to your requirements.

Each lens has its own pros and cons so decide properly and make sure that the lens you chose will satisfy all your needs.


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