The name of the mission is Impossible Project. The aim is to revive the Polaroid.

The location is an old Polaroid factory that was bought in Netherlands.

Polaroid CameraYes, that is right. Polaroid comes back. It was only a year ago when the news flashed that Polaroid stopped making its instant film and changed to an electronics and digital imaging company plus closed down the factories in Mexico and Netherlands.

The new factory is 7420 sq. feet and has 10 giant integral film assembly machines which can produce up to 100-million new instant films per year.

The team which is also named as ‘The Re-Invention of Instant Film’ brings back analog integral film for Polaroid cameras.

polaroid camThe team consists of people who have worked producing the Polaroid film. In addition to that, the site allows additional new sign-ups, who are interested Polaroid lovers to get involved with the project.

Currently, the team is taking suggestions and promises a new film by 2010 with a new look to instant gratification.

The team is preparing two releases in mid-2010. Those who are developing the new technology are thinking a digital version for Polaroid traditional camera which will be also released to produce digital photos instantly printed in the Polaroid tradition.

Waiting for the next year seems to be fun and exciting for all the nostalgias coming back with instant photography.


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