You are in love with photography but have always been lacking somewhere or the other? But now you have decided you want to get serious with the photography business and leave behind phone or regular digital camera ways.

If that is so, then you must know that there are a series of equipment and other requirements that hold essential to photography. That is they are the must have photography essentials. Take a look at the list of the absolutely must have photography essentials.

must have photography essentialsThe Right Camera

Begin by getting yourself a camera. There are a whole wide range of DSLRs (and SLRs if you may) available in the market. A whole lot of brands and a whole lot of price range options. Head out, research, look around, try it and get the one that best suits you.

Memory Cards

Memory cards come with various memory options and no matter the memory space you always got to have multiple cards. This is because if you fill out an entire card you’ll have a replacement ready with you. Also get a card reader if your laptop or computer does not already have one.


You should all have additional and spare batteries with you in addition to the ones already in the camera. Carry suitable batteries with you at all times, you never know when you want to extend the photo shoot and take a few more hours.

A Camera Bag

You can have all the batteries and the card and the camera equipment but how can you manage it if you do not have a camera bag to comfortably, suitability and firmly hold it all. So get a camera bag and tuck in all of you accessories and main components in it.

A Tripod

Another essential you must have when you head out to take pictures is a travel tripod. It is one of the best companions to have with you. It makes for stable pictures and adds many more levels of convenience to your experience.


Even though this has been listed at the bottom it is just as important as having the camera to begin with. There are multiple lens types varying between the basic and the advance types. So pick up a type of basic/ prime and a suitable advanced lens based on the type of photography you are into, and you are set.

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