Do you want to produce professional digital photography? Then you need 3 significant basic lenses, which will help you to increase the quality of your work.

These are a general purpose zoom lens, a macro lens and telephoto zoom lens.

telephoto zoom lens

The first of them, the general purpose zoom, is suitable for 35 mm format cameras, as well as for APS-C cameras and works perfect in 18-50 mm range. It is often used for universal images like landscapes and wide perspective shots.

APS-C camera lensThe macro lens is needed if you are shooting small and tiny objects, whose details cannot be captured easy. The perfect length is 50 mm f/2.8 macro.

Another “must have” in digital photography is the telephoto zoom lens, especially for moving objects. In case you need to make portraits or images, which are hard to focus, use telephoto zoom lens. The best usage is in range of 70-200 mm and don’t forget the aperture must be of f/4 or faster.


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