Out of all the various forms and fields of photography, wildlife photography is unarguably the most difficult and challenging forms to master and pursue. Besides the many physical difficulties that one can face, this kind of photography also needs the photographer to carry all the gear and accessories which might be needed. Wildlife photographers must carry with them a pack of all the essential gear that can help take them good shots. The following are the must have accessories for wildlife photography:

accessories for wildlife photographyCamera

To click the best shots and the true essence of the wild, it is important to carry a good DSLR camera with the right APS-C sensor inbuilt. The camera must resist shake as much as possible and should be equipped with low light capabilities and continuous shooting option.


Without the proper zoom lens, it might be difficult to go for wildlife photography because you just cannot get close enough to the wild animals and birds. You will need large telephoto lenses with 300 mm being the minimum length. If you cannot afford fast professional lenses then you can always consider slower zoom or hiring of lenses.


This is a must have accessory for wildlife photography as it sits between the camera and the lens and increases the focal length by about 2 times. Here may be loss in image quality but carrying one is still important to click very far off shots of animals in their prime.

Macro Lenses

If you are interested in clicking wild flowers, insects and other small objects in the wild, then you must definitely carry macro lenses or macro filters with you.

Tripod Stand

If you wish to capture or catch the movements of animals and birds then it is very important to carry a small and portable tripod stand with you which are stable enough to carry the weight of your camera. It is best to invest in a high quality tripod stand with many adjustment options.

Rain Protecting Gear

If you wish to protect your camera and other accessories from the rain or water, then you must carry a protective case or shoulder bag with you besides plastic sheet or clink foil to wrap your gear up.

Extra Batteries

Sometimes, you might have to wait for long hours to get the perfect shot and may not get the time to charge your camera in the wild and hence carrying extra batteries is recommended.

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