Monopods are often called unipods by some people, but they’re basically the same type of camera accessory and follow the same principles as a tripod.

The only difference really between a monopod and a tripod is that a monopod has one leg and a tripod comes with three of them.

The monopod is really a single pole that can be used to mount a camera on it with a swivel/tilt head.

The accessory is quite adept at keeping a camera steady for location work and is the ideal tool to use when tripod could be too bulky or awkward to use.

However, using a monopod isn’t always a good idea if your camera is quite heavy or large or if you will be taking shots with a shutter speed that is less than 1/15th of a second. The first thing you need to do is make sure the monopod can support the camera

Taking photos with the monopod held against your leg or body will provide steadiness and extra support. This will cut down on vibration and allow you to take photos without any blur.

A monopod is a good choice for sports photography and for trying to take photos over top of people’s heads. These accessories are available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, weights, and materials. They generally range in price from about $20 to a few hundred. Cases for them are also available.



  1. I have a monopod, but find that it does not steady the camera as much as I would like because of my unsteadiness. I wish there were a monopod with four prongs at the bottom, sort of like a four-pronged cane.

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