Another photographer weapon turns to be the Secure Digital High Capacity memory cards. Lately using these cards known as SDHC is more popular than using CompactFlash, Memory Stick family and others.

The advantages of using SDHC are well known and that’s the reason they are top-selling cards of the recent year. As they first entered the market, their storage wasn’t that large- only 2 GB- and  they were criticized for not having much storage options, but nowadays the cards break the limits with an amazing improvement.

memory cardsNow the secure digital memory cards are offering storage to 32 GB. There is even a version that is supporting up to 2 TB and offers better density and writes speed than the first edition of SDHC. Another plus of using the secure digital cards is the fact they are with high standard speed-rating system and consumers can easily select the perfect card for video recording.


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