If you’re heading out on a holiday or some other once-in-a-lifetime event that you plan on taking photographs at, you need to make sure your digital camera is in proper working order before you go. Many people pack for a trip and just assume that their camera’s ready for action. However, once they get to their destination they may be in for a rude awakening.

You should always test your camera before going away to make sure you don’t get stuck in a situation where you aren’t able to take photos.

You should also make a camera checklist before you go so you don’t leave anything important behind.

Make a Camera Checklist Before Going on Vacation

Here are some of the things you might want to add to the checklist:
  • Make sure you have a camera bag that protects the camera well
  • Take along enough memory cards for the tip or occasion
  • Take along fresh batteries as well as at least one spare set
  • If the batteries are rechargeable don’t forget to take a battery charger
  • Pack the lenses that you’ll be needing such as wide-angle and telephoto lenses to zoom in and out
  • Take along a cleaning kit for the camera and lenses
  • Make sure you have the owner’s manual for the camera in case you have problems with it
  • You may also want to pack a disposable camera as an emergency backup and/or for beach shots
  • Take a notepad so you can keep track of where the photos were taken and who’s who in them

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