Any modern photographer surely knows that there is one company that is offering some innovative decisions in the world of the digital art.

Lensbaby is surely a progressive company, because this time their product is going to be one of the best selling photographic items of the year.

The company is offering a new level of aperture rings. Now they come as an accessory in the shape of stars and many more.

The new Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit 2 is a real innovative and modern designed item. The company has picked famous designers to create the design of the aperture kits.

The traditional aperture disks that come with lens are now a little bit different. They have hole into the center, which is with a standard size. The hole is the same for all disks, jut the shape is different.

In case you are interested in the product, you should know there are different shapes like birds, flowers, stars and others.

The product comes with nine disks as five of them are designed by different designers. The rest of the disks are also special. Their design is made by the customers of the company, which shows an amazing interest to these items.

The price is also affordable. Lensbaby Aperture Kit comes for $20 in the Lensbaby stores.


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